About Hy-pe

Hy-pe is the hydrangea brand of Sjaak van Schie. Don't you think our Hy-pe Hydrangeas are beautiful? It's all about Original and Unique.

Everyone is unique in their original way. Within Hy-pe you will find two different product lines. Hy-pe Unique and Hy-pe Original. 

In the Hy-pe Unique range you will find our hydrangeas with the ‘wow factor’. These are categorized according to Unique Selling Point (USP). We have different 'hydrangea families'. You can think for example of 'Star', in which all plants with star-shaped flowers are classified. Or Curly, in which all plants with curly leaves are classified. We also have the 'Avantgarde', 'Gradient' - which means gradient - with the plants changing color and the 'Marble'. Marble means double colored. So within this product line are also the existing varieties that we sell under the brand name 'Hy-pe'.

In the Hy-pe Original assortment we have categorized the traditional well-known varieties by color. Here you will find the bulbs or macrophylla's and the lacecap.

These Hydrangeas will make you happy, won't they?