Wedding Gown

Say 'I do' to the Wedding Gown! Doesn't that sound wonderful? You will fall in love with the pure white Wedding Gown.

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Double Dutch Dark

Is it a plant? Or is it a bouquet of flowers? You could almost say that, because Double Dutch Dark flowers so abundantly and has such bright colours. 

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Double Dutch

This will be the star of your garden or patio: mainly because of its shape. It looks like brightly coloured shooting stars in pink, blue and white. You buy a plant and you actually get a bouquet of flowers. Isn't that unique?

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Deep Aqua

Yes, you can believe your eyes: one hydrangea, two colours. Do you like blue? Or would you prefer pink today? 

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Curly Wurly

Just look at those flowers! They seem to curl inwards. That's typical of the Curly Wurly with its cheerful colours.

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Wow, what a sea of flowers! Campino hydrangeas will always provide your home with a palette of colours.

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Blooming. Always blooming. Avantgarde flowers every four months: in colour-changing shades.

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